The founders of Young Outfitters are Christians. As a result of this Young Outfitters exists as a direct reflection of personal faith and belief. We believe this business was divinely inspired, and persists solely by the will of a good and righteous God. Subsequently all of the decisions we make as a business are developed from a Gospel centered theology. Though we fail (regularly), our goal as a business is to be as full a representation of Christ as we can be in every interaction, transaction and decision.

The reality is our world has a natural distrust of religion, and we fully understand a statement like this could leave some feeling a bit clammy. Rest assured, our faith will in no way prevent us from accepting business from, doing business with, or hiring anyone who believes something else - given such belief doesn’t conflict with our own moral and ethical standards. In our opinion, such legalistic behavior is the result of ignorance. Anyway, thanks for reading. Here’s to finding your wilderness.

With all sincerity,

Stephen & Meagan